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Solutions for Base Station

Combiners/Couplers/Power Amplifiers

We, NEWRF, provide excellent Multiband Combiner with Low PIM -163dBc and accessories such as couplers, attenuators and Adaptor, Termination and so on.  

In-Building System

Multi band Combiner/Power Amplifier/Ceramic Filter and Accessories


We, NEWRF, provide Low PIM level Cavity Combiner and High performance Power Amplifier for In-building system Integrators

  • 3/6/9/12 Multi Combiner
  • Power Amplifier

Public Saftey and Military Application

Power Divider/Waveguide Filter/ 2×2 Matrix/ 4×4 Matrix/ Switch Bank Filter

World Wide Networks

  • US Office : NEWRF USA INC (Sacramento, CA)                                            7803 Laguna Blvd #20 , Elk Grove CA, 95758
  • Europe : Italy, France
  • Israel

We are looking for Partners in World wide, please contact us!

Cavity Filter/Combinder/Ceramic Filter/LC Filter/Power Amplifier/Bias T/Attenuator